I’m a multi-talented bear. Not only can I chew gum and walk at the same time, but I also write more than great website and sales copy. Here’s a recent blog post…

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If you’re reading this page, more than likely you’ve been referred to me by a client or a friend. If you’ve stumbled upon this page as you were exploring copywriting options and I’ve piqued your interest, then let me explain.

If you are interested in creating a great screenplay, novel, or biography/memoir, reach out. I do not publicly post samples of my content writing work (other than blogs) on this website. On a VERY selective basis, I will occasionally take on content writing projects.

I love writing blog posts. Need a fresh voice on your business’ blog? Together, let’s explore whether my knowledge base, style, and skill set are a good fit for you.

If you need an eBook written on a business topic – a “How To” piece or as a demonstration of your knowledge and expertise – well, that’s a “different kettle of fish.” Writing an eBook on a business topic is a combination of copywriting and creative writing. If that’s what you need, definitely message me and let’s explore the project.