I SUCK at writing certain things. Don’t hire me to write blog posts about fashion, or mountain climbing, or women’s health (or any of a hundred other topics).

I DEFINITELY DO NOT SUCK at website copywriting and writing sales copy in almost any form – sales pages, emails, brochures, press releases, content marketing, and social media ads (plus any of a hundred other types of copy). When it comes to blogs and content writing (see my Content Writing page), we should talk. Depending upon who you are and what you need me to write about, I could be an excellent fit for you or a complete mismatch.

My target market is small and medium-sized business owners. Why? Because for all of my adult life, I’ve owned and operated businesses. I’ve enjoyed success and learned from failure. Most copywriters are not experienced business operators. They have no idea what it means to meet a payroll, to hire and fire employees, to fill out endless government forms, to work twelve hours a day, six days a week. Unless you’ve “been there and done that,” you don’t really get what all that means – emotionally, physically, and in everyday practice.

Sales campaigns vary. You can use Google ads, direct email, Facebook posts, IGTV, etc. or a combination of multiple techniques. We will find out what works best for you by drilling down on things like cost per lead, response rates, click-through results, and opportunity costs. I’ll write the copy and build you a marketing team (or, even better, I will teach you how to run your own sales campaign using my copy).

My pricing is super simple. After I write one or two copy samples for you for free and we define your needs (website copywriting, flyers, web sales pages, emails, Google ads, etc.), then I’ll write five pieces of copy for you for $500. If we both like what we see and you want me to write copy for you long term, we will work out a strategy and a deal that makes sense based on ROI (Return On Investment) for your business.

I don’t want to run a large firm (been there and done that). I want to help people like you and be paid fairly for my work. That’s it. I have no desire to write copy for the mega-corporate world. I want to help you achieve your business goals, feed my creative impulses, play some golf, walk my dog, and chill out with my wife.